About Us

Being in the business for over 20 years, working in every position in a restaurant from dish washer, busser, waiter, cooks, management and ultimately owners, we have gathered the knowledge and experience to offer the clients something other than a great dinning experience. Our main focus is our client's satisfaction, from the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you leave, our service will always be present. We do not only offer fantastic food but rather a new experience. Combining the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years it allowed us to bring a little bit of Mexico to you.

    The Restaurant

Service and good food is essential for a successful restaurant and we have been able to achieve both with our restaurant formally known as "Chihuahuas" but we did not want to stop there. We wanted to bring other aspects of the Mexican culture into our establishment for all of our clients. Working towards this goal we were fortunate enough to make this dream come true and able to offer new and intuitive aspects to our new establishment. This includes a Tequila Tasting Bar where we will offer hundreds of different types of tequila but most importantly show our clients a little bit of history on how tequila became about. We will have a "Store" in which we will offer different types of art from wet paintings, 3D paintings, ceramic and many different souvenirs. Including the art that will be available at the store, anything in the restaurant from furniture to the décor around the restaurant it is all made in Mexico and will be available for purchase at the store.

We also took the liberty to incorporate a "Street Tacos" section within the restaurant. Even though the shop is not outside in the open and mobile, every aspect of the street tacos sections is just as you would encounter in a small taco truck outside. We understand that sometimes not everyone wants to be waited on and that is the beauty of it. If you are in a hurry and all you want to do is enjoy something quickly, the street tacos section just is for you. Walk up to the cashier and choose from a variety of items that are ONLY exclusively available in the street tacos section. Adding all these different aspects to our new establishment called for a different name, a new and better identity. Even though we will forever love "Chihuahuas" the vision for the new establishment calls for "Casa Juarez Mexican Town". Why "Mexican Town"? as mentioned before our main goal is client's satisfaction, aside from daily specials and different events we will have. We have different projects and new additions to the restaurant for the next years to come, offering something new to our clients each year.

This was not possible by a group of different investors who came together to invest in opening a restaurant. Rather this is a family owned and operated restaurant whom the owners themselves put their hard work, sweat and tears in the making of this establishment. From the design work being done by one of the owners to the décor of the restaurant, laying down the floors tile per tile and putting up the walls. This restaurant is meant to be a destination in Saint Louis. Where your regular Mexican food dining experience becomes more memorable and feels like a little vacation away from home.